Station Blue Product Range

The Statiuon Blue range includes:
  • Train Controller boards that are software switchable between DC and DCC
  • Points Controller boards for snap action and stall points motors
  • Signals and Sensors boards
  • Cost effective Combination boards
Boards are available with USB, Bluetooth and Serial Port connectivity.

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  • Computer controlled trains
  • Computer controlled points
  • Station Blue JMRI Interface
  • Setting up signals
  • Automating model railways
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Free Software

The following software may be downloaded from this website free of charge:
  • Fast Clock - a clock for scheduling model railways to a predetermined railway timetable
  • DCC Sniffer - DCC diagnostic software for model trains
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Technical Articles

Technical information on computer software, microcontroller firmware and model locomotive upgrades.

ATL COM Add Ins - The Easy Way
How to use modified MFC classes to simplify ATL programming. Add new functionality to host applications like the Microsoft Office suite of programs, using C++.

Event Sinks
The sequel to The Easy Way article. ATL COM Add Ins - The Easy Way meets the thorny subject of Event Sinks.

Serial Ports in C#
Some inside information from the Station Blue project on how to improve the performance of serial ports.

Serial Ports in C# Part 2
Driven by the need for even more performance. The story continues with part two.

Installing Sound
How to install Tsunami sound in an Auscision N class model locomotive.

USB Communications Using Microchip PIC
A PIC assembly language solution to providing USB communications on a PC connected device.

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Model Railway Automation

Use Dotric Station Blue boards and software to automate the running of model railways to a predetermined timetable.

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